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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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San Diego, California Attorney Zealously Protects Your Interests

San Diego, California estate planning, trusts & estates & administrative law firm committed to exceptional service   
 Attorney David S. Wight   AAAskillfully handles your case as smoothly as possible, while protecting your assets and upholding your best interests. At The Wight Law Office, we help you achieve a fair resolution in your legal issues. You can feel confident we will protect your rights.  
We are committed to providing excellent legal representation and are well known by our peers and clients for our integrity and hard work. In return, we have receive the highest rating in communication ability, responsiveness, quality of service and value for money by client reviews.  One client had this to say about attorney Wight:

David is professional and detail oriented. Our trust/estate needs had some additional complexity to them and David was thorough and knowledgeable in handling them. He also drew up our health care directives and power of attorney for property. It was a pleasure to work with him, and if we have similar legal needs in the future we will not hesitate to seek him out."

The Law Office of David S. Wight routinely handles cases involving:


  •  kkkkkk k To begin the process of creating a living trust, click on Trust Worksheet above to download a free Trust Worksheet that can be completed prior to your first appointment.
  • Estate Planning- We assist clients with all their estate planning needs. We provide a complete estate planning package including living trust, pour-over will, durable power of attorney and advance health care directive.
  • Click on the microphone  to listen to David Wight's interview on KPRZ about the importance of estate planning.
  • Trust Administration- We also focus on trust administration to assist the trustee with the fiduciary duties of administrating the trust.
  • Probate- We handle the entire probate process from the filing of initial letters of administration to the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries.
  • Administrative Law- We represent clients in different administrative law matters including disability compensation for veterans with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Disability, Professional Licensing by the State of California, Education hearings including Special Education and Suspension/Expulsion hearings.


San Diego lawyer finds unique solutions for your case

No two cases are exactly alike, nor should they be treated the same. Attorney Wight meticulously analyzes your case and develops unique solutions tailored to fit your individual needs. Whatever your estate planning needs, we treat you with the utmost professionalism, respect and care in addressing them. By approaching your case from all the different angles, we help ensure a resolution that is beneficial for you.

Contact a trustworthy and reliable San Diego law firm today

Call The Wight Law Office at 619-209-6019 or contact us on-line to schedule a free initial consultation, including review of current estate planning documents. After the initial consultation, your estate planning documents can be ready within one to two weeks.

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